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About living free...

April 15, 2019 — BarryK

It is one of those things we dream about: being independent, no debt, no responsibilities, close to nature, simple uncluttered living, peaceful mind, no particular agenda.

Ha ha ha, yeah, right. Reality is somewhat different.

Anyway, I do like to go camping in the "bush" here in Western Australia, and am exploring the idea of this becoming more extended, even permanent.

The purpose of this "Nomad" section of my website is to document various steps that I have taken in this direction, from purchasing and setting up equipment, to exploratory trips to evaluate various setups.

There is an established culture here in Australia, of senior citizens taking to the road, we call them "grey nomads". So I will be one of them. They even have their own websites, such as this one:

I have a blog, that I post to frequently, and it has posts relating to this "nomad" topic:

I have another section on "traveling light", which is also about getting away from it all, but with a minimalist approach, such as backpacking with the lightest possible load:

The "Nomad" section that you are reading now is different, it is about heading off in my car, with everything needed to live in the bush, isolated, off-the-grid. Not necessarily isolated from people, as there are many popular campsites in the bush. In fact. having like-minded people around is good for a number of reasons, such as security, or just a yarn at a campfire. 

Staring into the campfire at night, walking along a forest trail, yes, there is a spiritual dimension to this endeavour, and I hope to post something about that as well.

Barry Kauler


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