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Solar power

May 19, 2019 — BarryK

Over the years, I have collected a few photovoltaic solar panels of 80W rating or greater, used in camping expeditions, as well as several small panels used for hiking. The prices have been declining, which is good news, and there are now lighter choices, which I appreciate.

The objective of this page is to document the current setup as a "grey nomad", traveling by car, and often staying at remote campsites without 240V AC power. I need to be able to power fridge, TV, computer, lights, etc.

Firstly, the choice of solar panel...

Photovoltaic solar panels

I prefer a folding panel, as I endeavour to park in the shade, and run a cable to where there is sunshine. Also, with a folding panel, I can reorient it during the day, to maximize energy collection.

One of the early folding panels, purchased 2015 or 2016, is a Powertech brand, rated at 120W. It weighs 13kg, which I found difficult to lug out of the car at times when my back was giving trouble. There has been some effort to find lighter, and higher-power panels, the latter because I found the "120W" panel to be not quite enough.

In 2019 I have been testing my large panels, see these blog posts: 

more to come...

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